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Why Diamanti
Redefining Operations for a Developer-driven World

Diamanti’s fully integrated Kubernetes platform gives platform architects, IT operations, and application owners the performance, simplicity, efficiency, and enterprise features they need to get cloud-native applications to market fast.

Deploying a Kubernetes environment yourself can mean investing money and time—weeks or even months of installation, integration, and testing. Even then, you’ll lack the performance and reliability you need. But with Diamanti, you can deploy a complete enterprise-class container stack in 15 minutes—with compute, networking, storage, Docker, and Kubernetes fully integrated and supported. Here’s how:

Redefining Operations for a Developer-driven World

Diamanti for Platform Architects:

You’re responsible for designing your enterprise’s IT infrastructure. But every time developers have new containerized applications to deploy, you have to make the same storage, networking, and compute decisions—essentially from scratch. How can you not overprovision?

Deploying and managing containerized applications eats up engineering resources, straining your budget and your IT infrastructure. Networking alone is a time sink, even before you start navigating all the on-premises vs. public cloud considerations. Your cloud licensing and subscription costs are out of control, but compliance requirements prohibit you from moving some workloads off premises. And those on-premises workloads still need to be handled at cloud-native speed.

With Diamanti You Can:

  • Deploy your complete container and Kubernetes infrastructure in 15 minutes.
  • Predict service levels for accurate provisioning and QoS, which means you can budget better and design infrastructure to meet SLAs.
  • Improve TCO by focusing engineers on higher-value work, rather than managing container infrastructure.
  • Make coordinated infrastructure decisions using a single solution that just works.

Diamanti for IT Operations:

You install and manage—and pay for—IT infrastructure in your enterprise. You’re tired of being asked, “Why can’t you move as fast as developers?” They have cloud-native technology, but your legacy tools are slowing everything down.

You’re juggling numerous moving parts: servers, networking, storage, and more. The unpredictability of service levels means you can’t guarantee SLAs. And when someone reports an application problem, tracking down the source takes even longer than fixing it.

With Diamanti You Can:

  • Keep pace with developers.
  • Deploy container and Kubernetes infrastructure in minutes, not weeks.
  • Manage your entire container infrastructure holistically.
  • Spend less of your budget on infrastructure.
  • Guarantee SLAs.
  • Rapidly locate the source of problems, thanks to full-stack support.

Diamanti for Application Owners:

You manage the developers and programs responsible for your enterprise applications. You need to get apps to market fast, but your legacy VM infrastructure gets in the way. It’s frustrating to develop a new app and then have it sit for weeks in ops before it goes live.

There’s no way you can optimize apps for all the possible variables of infrastructure and compatibility. Plus, your cloud licensing and subscription costs are out of control. In an ideal world, you could do your work without depending on IT. Ever.

With Diamanti You Can:

  • Accelerate time to market without IT dependencies.
  • Manage application performance and resolve issues yourself, without having to open IT tickets.
  • Pick whatever apps and resources you need, without worrying about compatibility.
  • Predict the response times and performance you can expect from the applications you develop.
  • Keep cloud computing costs in check.