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Cloud Native DevOps
Enable App Mobility with No Vendor Lock-In

Digital transformation is well underway in the enterprise, primarily driven by the runaway success of the Everything-As-A-Service economy. It is transformational because it requires changes across the three foundational aspects of enterprise IT: people, process and technology. In this journey, DevOps has emerged as the new practice of automating processes between software development and IT teams and Kubernetes has become the ubiquitous platform of choice for deploying applications.

The new era of cloud native DevOps brings various new tools and best practices to boost the application development flow making it fully automated, selfservice capable and API-driven, giving independence to both the developer and the operator. With cloud native DevOps, developers can deliver applications and updates to end users at a much faster pace, without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

With cloud native DevOps, developers can deliver applications and updates to end users at a much faster pace, without worrying about the underlying infrastructure. Diamanti provides all the building blocks required to build an efficient DevOps pipeline.

Cloud native DevOps encompasses the following tenets:

  • Microservices architecture enables teams to work in a lean and agile fashion
  • Loosely coupled systems tied together with automation provide faster time to market
  • Elasticity, scalability and resilience offer ondemand expansion
  • Containerization makes applications portable and reusable
  • Self-service capabilities and API driven CI/CD give flexibility to developers
Cloud native DevOps

Scalable and Highly Performant CI/CD with Diamanti:

The Diamanti Enterprise Kubernetes Platform provides enterprises with turnkey operational infrastructure using standard virtualization protocols for storage and networking alongside open-source CNI and CSI plug-ins.

Figure 1 shows the building blocks of a full stack cloud native CI/CD environment on the Diamanti Enterprise Kubernetes Platform. The Diamanti platform includes low-latency and high-performance NVMe flash storage, 40 GbE networking, and open-source Docker and Kubernetes pre-installed. Cloud native CI/CD environments and other container workloads can be deployed in minutes after racking and stacking the Diamanti cluster, where each pod is assigned a routable IP address due to Diamanti’s innovative approach to network virtualization for containers.

Why use Diamanti for DevOps?
Figure 1: Building Blocks of Full Stack Cloud Native CI/CD Environment on Diamanti

Figure 2 shows an example cloud native CI/CD environment running on the Diamanti Enterprise Kubernetes Platform. Diamanti offers scalable and highly performant CI/CD on bare-metal Kubernetes infrastructure. The power of containers, Kubernetes, data volume abstraction and Diamanti’s unique qualityof-service guarantees enable the solution to easily scale on demand and provide unparalleled operational uptime and efficiencies across resource allocation and usage. The Diamanti platform offers the ability to backup and replicate data for high availability, disaster recovery (DR) and seamlessly move CI/CD environments across a hybrid cloud environment.

Figure 2: Cloud Native CI/CD Environment Running on the Diamanti Enterprise Kubernetes Platform
Figure 2: Cloud Native CI/CD Environment Running on the Diamanti Enterprise Kubernetes Platform

Implementation of multi-zone clusters on the Diamanti platform allows a Kubernetes cluster to distribute nodes across different zones, ensuring application and infrastructure availability. Diamanti simplifies multi-zone cluster configuration and management with built-in features to protect applications from failures. Diamanti offers the lowest total cost of ownership and CI/CD environments run at least 30% faster on the Diamanti Enterprise Kubernetes Platform.


Simple Innovative Platform

Innovative Platform

  • Simplicity and freedom of public cloud to on-premises
  • Full-stack ready to deploy appliance
  • Purpose built for containers and Kubernetes
Abstracting Complexities

Abstracting Complexities

  • Built-in high availability, scaling, resilience and agility
  • Built-in storage and networking with HW offloads
  • Easy cluster management with CLI or GUI

Ultrafast Storage

Ultrafast Storage

  • Built-in CSI plugin to utilize local or remote storage
  • Fast NVMe storage with million+ IOPS and sub-millisecond latency
  • Volume mirroring, snapshots, asynchronous replication and volume resizing
Secure Container Networking

Secure Container Networking

  • Built-in CNI plugin with support for L2 and L3
  • Separate networks for control and data plane traffic
  • Dynamic and static IP address assignment to pods

Availability Zone and Hybrid Cloud Support

Availability Zone and Hybrid Cloud Support

  • Ability to stretch clusters across multiple failure zones
  • Intelligent scheduling of workloads across zones
  • Easy migration of application to and from public or other on-premises clouds
SLA with Quality of Service (QoS)

Quality of Service (QoS)

  • Guaranteed performance for storage and networking
  • Customizable performance tiers
  • Eliminates noisy neighbors



  • RBAC/AD/LDAP integration
  • Separation of network and storage IO at container level
  • Image and runtime vulnerability scanning via seamless integration with multiple vendors
Lowest TCO

Lowest TCO

  • High container density and maximum host utilization
  • Significant reduction in data center footprint
  • Eliminates long and unpredictable application upgrade and patching cycles

Full Insight

Full Insight

  • Dashboard to provision and monitor cluster, nodes and workloads
  • Complete stats and error reporting
  • User management and control


Download the Cloud Native DevOps with Diamanti Datasheet (.PDF)